Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018 Jakarta (3rd Edition)

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Jakarta Indonesia
2-5 July, 2018
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Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has successfully conducted the Mega Edition of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2nd to 5th July 2018. The Bootcamp aimed to groom and support the young minds in the sector of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business by creating one of the largest entrepreneurial networks.

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Mega Edition had hosted 160 delegates from 35 different countries for 4 days to create a business model out of their business ideas. The Mega Edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp had invited many outstanding personalities as their speaker/ Mentor. GEB had gathered 20 Mentors/ Speakers who shared their personal entrepreneurial journey, fundamentals of entrepreneurship which was very inspiring and useful to the participants in their personal life as well as in their startups.

The speakers for the Bootcamp were Professor Rajesh Nair (Director of Asia School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, Massachusetts Institute of technology), Leonika Sari (Forbes 30 under 30), Mizanur Rahman Kiron (Forbes 30 under 30), Prof. Dr. Takeshi Miyazaki (Professor, Soka University, Japan), Dr. Renard Siew (World Economic Forum Expert Network Group), Ash Ali (Founder, The Unfair Advantage and the first Marketing Director at Just Eat) ,Goris Mustaquim (Founder and President, ASGAR MUDA Foundation), Sanny Gaddafi (Founder, 8 Villages and top 100 young influencer in Indonesia), Nandan Hari Sharma (CEO, National Investment and Capital Market Ltd.), Donald Chan (Director, International for, Marvin Kolibonso (Founder, Baku and co-founder, Sayurbox), Andre Kwok K. (Founder, Future City Summit), Tal Caltran (Accelerator Guru),Bhanu Prakash (The Number Prodigy- The fastest Human Calculator and founder, Exploring Infinities), Octa Ramayana (KIBAR) and Aditya Dave (Founder, ECOLABS and Ferme tester).

Along with the mentorship sessions by the mentors, the Bootcamp also hosted several networking sessions, teamwork sessions and cultural night which enhanced the communicating and networking value of the Bootcamp which aided in several collaborations and future works/ bonding among the participants. The main objective of the networking session was to help participants work in their business model, build a strong network, grow the team spirit and help participants get the real-life experience of working in a team.

On the demo day, 17 unique business ideas were pitched. For demo day, GEB had invited 3 Judges. The panel of judges included Adrian Lim (Director, BLOCK 71 Jakarta/ co-founder, and CEO at PTPop Box Asia service), David Soukhasing (Managing Director at Angel Investment Network Indonesia) and Ash Ali (Angel Investor, Serial Startup Founder).

The ideas pitched were Sunrise,a specialized treatment and personalized nutrition service for diabetic patient and pregnant women, Bip Bip, a logistic solution, Swaad, homemade food delivery system, 4Fit, an application that is a fitness encyclopedia, Crimson, an initiation to eliminate the deep rooted taboo and misinformation regarding menstruation, Vendup, an initiation of making and selling hygienic food stall which is eco-friendly and creates healthier work environment, Med-service, an initiation to supply medicines in rural areas using Drones, Healthy Pick, a customer friendly application that plans and prepares your dietary plans, cooks and delivers food along with the fitness and exercise plan that compliments the diets , She Endeavor, an initiation to boost women spirit, HappyApples, a business idea to distribute the Apples and Apple products grown in various part of Nepal, Carer, an application designed for mothers which helps her in growth and development tracking of her child, medicine retailing, expert consulting along with making appointments with doctors, Chabhil, a business plan which will produce and brand locally made Nepali Gundruk, Health-e-care, an application that helps you call doctor at home as well as help you order medicine online, Appli, a platform where user can practice and improve interview skills and communication skills, Tapari, a business plan which will produce and commercialize leaf plates(Tapari), Precisely, a mobile platform that make both academic and professional opportunities easier to grab with the help of machine learning, Eliminating Sex Trafficking, an initiation of eliminating the sex trafficking and related violence using the Artificial Intelligence(AI).

After the final presentation, Appli with the team members Shivam Kumar Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Nitin Marisela and Kejal Mahavir Ranka won the Winner’s title while Healthy Pick with team members Dang Quoc Bao, Phung Trung Hieu, Nguyen Dieu Linh, Anirudh Jain and Gustaf Christian Loho won the title of Best Team.

Meet Our GEB Jakarta Speakers/Mentors

Prof. Rajesh Nair

Director of ASB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Rajesh Nair is the Professor of Practice in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Asia School of Business, a new school started by MIT-Sloan in Kuala Lumpur where he heads the ASB-Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

Tal Catran

Accelerators Guru

Tal is the undoubted Accelerators Guru, founded 10 accelerators programs in Israel and several globally. Tal is also a renowned Keynote Speaker sharing his toolbox of knowhow with entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. Tal serves as advisory board and chairman in a variety of companies and technology startups.

Leonika Sari

Forbes 30 Under 30

Leo founded her startup called Reblood on January 2015 which is an app that aims to provide solutions to increase awareness and promoting blood donation to help save more people's lives. In 2016, Leo was listed on Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 for Healthcare and Science category.

Mizanur Rahman Kiron

Forbes 30 Under 30

Kiron is the honary of the "Forbes 30 under 30" and the Founder & President of the Physically-challenged Development Foundation- PDF. In Bangladesh, he has engaged more than 5000 volunteers in his movement to unlock the potential of the youth with disabilities. He is an enthusiastic public speaker and Ph.D. candidates at the University of Illinois at Chicago-UIC.

Prof. Dr. Takeshi Miyazaki

Professor, Soka University

Professor Takeshi Miyazaki currently teaches social studies education at the Soka University in Tokyo, Japan.He established SAGE(Student for Advancement of the Global Entrepreneurship) Japan with his students in 2013.

Dr. Renard Siew

World Economic Forum Expert Network Group

Renard Siew is part of the World Economic Forum Expert Network Group focusing on Sustainable Development in Asia. He is also involved in implementing the environmental agenda for Sime Darby, a multinational conglomerate based in Kuala Lumpur.

Goris Mustaqim

Founder and President ASGAR MUDA Foundation

Goris is the founder and president of ASGAR MUDA Foundation, a youth-led social entreprise promoting youth entrepreneurship.While in campus, he co-founded ITB Entrepreneurship Challenge (IEC). He also co-founded PT Resultan Nusantara, an IT Company which delivered RFID-based automation solutions in 2007.

Sanny Gaddafi

Founder, 8villages

Sanny Gaddafi (SaGad) is the founder of and Named "Top 100 young influencers in Indonesia" by Marketeers magazine, he is also one of the Initiator of #StartupLokal community and mentor at Jakarta Founder Institute.

Ash Ali

Founder, The Unfair Advantage | First Marketing Director, Just Eat UK

Serial startup founder, angel investor and mentor, Ash Ali sold his first internet business aged 19. As the first marketing director of Just Eat UK, he ‘growth-hacked’ it at breakneck speed, leading to a staggering £1.5 billion IPO in 2014. Next, he founded Fare Exchange, a bootstrapped startup that generated over £25 million in revenue in just a few short years.

Nandan Hari Sharma

CEO, National Investment and Capital Market Ltd

Mr. Nandan Hari Sharma is the CEO of National Investment and Capital Market Ltd, Nepal. Sharma completed his M. Sc in Financial Studies from Strathclyde University and MBA from Tribhuwan University and has experience of over 35 years in managerial level in different Institutions

Donald Chan

Director, International for

Donald is Director, International for, a regional digital telco based in Singapore, and focuses on overseas partnerships and expansion. Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer and part of the founding team at Clifford Capital, an infrastructure and asset-backed finance company, and before that he worked in investments and corporates across the Asia-Pacific region.

GEB 2018 Jakarta Business Ideas

The mega edition of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2 to 5 July, 2018. 160 young entrepreneurs from 35 countries around the world attended the bootcamp which saw 17 great business ideas pitched during the 4-days, each of which could be developed into successful start-ups.


Appli is a platform where a user can practice and improve interview skills and communication skills. With the use of vernacular language, low confidence and lack of exposure hindering people from going to a better job or a better college, this team has based their idea on the result of survey according to which 86% of people are willing to change. They plan to create a tech driven and cost effective platform with integration of deep learning and data analysis for people to learn and improve.


With people getting busier every day with very less time for preparing food for themselves, avoiding expensive, unsafe and unhealthy street foods has been difficult, but no more with HealthyPick. One can order meals while managing his/her intake (calories, macros and so on) with custom diet plan while also getting customized fitness and exercises plan. Taking the health as well as price factor into consideration, the team aims to generate a revenue of $500,000 per day by 2023.

4FIT- Fitness encyclopaedia

With increasing dependence of people on technology and mental value considered superior to physical labor, ignorance towards health is increasing. The central idea of 4FIT is to mitigate these factors with the help of the cause (technology) itself. The team plans to build a mobile application that performs the function of recording and storing health data, alerting and suggesting the user as per the data and calculating and awarding efforts towards betterness. With a freemium version available for 6 months, they plan to generate revenue from the subscription costs further on as well as from advertisements and collaborations. A system of giving E-Vouchers in return in exchange of simply keeping oneself fit is one of the features that keeps it apart from its competitors.

Bip Bip Logistics

Bip Bip Logistics serves to fulfill the gap of efficient transportation in e-commerce Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their customers. Based in Indonesia, they plan to make full use Internet of Things (IoT) in the process from GPS Tracking to Traveling Route Optimization and use of Blockchain to stall transaction information. Revenue will be generated from the shipping as well as from the SMEs and Startups per transactions.


The main idea of Crimson is to provide affordable and hygienic sanitary napkins for rural women, by rural women, through rural women and and thus, eliminate the deep rooted taboo and misinformation surrounding menstruation. Targeted to rural community of Bangladesh, Crimson aims to spread awareness tackling the taboos while giving employment to the rural women with an aim to reach out to 150,000 people with their cheaper and more Eco-friendly sanitary napkins.


The main idea of VendUp is to standardize the existing unmanaged street vendors business in India. With the use of Unique Selling Point (U.S.P) with more workspace, more space for advertisement and safer and healthier setup, they aim to employ the existing vendors in a much organized and safer way. By creating hygienic food stalls, healthier work environment, strong incentive scheme and best local support, them work to systematize the business.


With an aim to improve the present health condition of Nepal, the Med-Service Team plans to make full use of technology to connect people from all geography to pharmacies and doctors. They plan to create a mobile app connecting all the pharmacies where people in need of medicine can create an alert. In urban areas, the alert will be propagated and responded to the nearest pharmacy; while in emergencies, they plan to use drones. With no competitors in the market, the business is sure to take a high flight if it gets a kick start.


Lack of information regarding immunization and lack of instant access to health consultation and pharmacies are major challenge for anyone rearing a child. Carer is just an idea to solve that. Connecting mothers or anyone rearing child with doctors and pharmacies with their mobile app, they intend to generate revenue from the commissions on the appointment made and medicines sold from their platform. In addition, the app will also provide information on growth and development tracking as well as help building a social community.


The north-western part of Nepal is famous for its apples, but due to illiteracy and lack of infrastructures, the apples are not getting proper market and rot there. So, HappyApples comes up with an idea to manufacture apple juice at the site in the Himalayas and transport the juice, which is not much affected by the bumpy road, to different parts in the country.


Health is the most important and expensive aspect to everyone. And Team Health-e-Care have come up with an idea to help people care this wealth of theirs. Health-e-Care is an app with offline access available where people can call doctors at home and also order medicine.


Precisely is an opportunity sharing platform to address the problem of people missing opportunities of their interest due to lack of information. Their mobile application, with machine learning, makes it easier for users to grab personally curated opportunities, both academic and professional. Payment for featuring opportunities shall generate the revenue required. Besides, mentors and participants can also write articles and videos on an opportunity they have been to.

She Endeavors

She Endeavors is an inspirational stories, motivational stories, information and social networking and Learning platform for Girls/women. Articles related to Women empowerment, Information on topics like Women Entrepreneurship will be published regularly. The users can also get to share/learn/collaborate with other members of the community and will also be provided incubation programs. They aim to publish 2000 stories, survey 1 million people as part of their Women Empowerment and incubate 150 startups with a community of 10 million active users by 2021.


Sunrise is a business concept of connecting customers to everything they require for their healthy lifestyle: from doctors to nutritionists and psychologists to fitness instructor. Partnering with Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Physicians and Nutritionists, they strive to generate revenue from membership, one to one trainings and commissions in appointment.


Tapari is a plate made from leaves. And this team proposes idea to use Tapari in place of plastic plates as they are bio degradable and Eco-friendly. With just leaves and wooden picks required as raw materials, it is lot cheaper too. Their target customers in first phase will be street food vendors and for religious purpose.


Swaad is a small business model startup on food delivery system prepared by mostly housewives and targeting the corporate officers for homemade meals regarding fresh, hygiene and taste of home. Targeted mainly to South Asia where people are working almost from 8am morning to 6pm evening with short breaks, spending lot on restaurants without getting proper diet, the team strives to solve the challenge of hygiene, delivery management and customer satisfaction while generating revenue from the Delivery Charge and margin between customer and consumer.

Amilo Gundruk

Amilo Gundruk is established with an aim to improve the conventional method without jeopardizing the essence of Gundruk, a traditional Nepali food. With hygiene the primary goal, they plan to promote the Nepali cuisine along with empowering women during the production by giving them employment.

Eliminating Sex Trafficking (EST)

EST strives for preventing society from sex trafficking by providing the safety measures. Partnering with NGO’s, INGO’s and Government Organizations, they will organize programs, trainings, workshops and seminars for awareness and also martial arts training for self-defense to females.

GEB 2018 Jakarta Highlights