Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018 Bangkok (2nd Edition)

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Bangkok Thailand
15-18 January, 2018
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Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018 (GEB 2018), organized by Oya INC., concluded on a very cheerful note on 18th January, 2018. GEB is an intensive, youth focused training, networking and mentorship event hosted this year in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event seeks to select, train and support some of the brightest young minds in entrepreneurship, innovation and business across the world and pair them with mentors and experienced innovators to maximize their potential.

GEB 2018 welcomed 80 attendees from 20 different countries from different parts of the world and divided the participants into 15 teams that collaborated for 4 days to create a viable business model out of the participants’ business ideas. GEB also brought together 15 mentors and speakers to help the teams to work on their business models.

GEB 2018 brought many outstanding personalities as their speakers, all of whom equally qualified in their fields. The speakers spoke about their experiences and also the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to help participants with their startups.

The speakers for the event were Amarit Charoenphan, the Cofounder of HUBBA who has been listed as 2016 Forbes 30 under 30, Dr. Mir Dost, Department Head of Finance and Management Sciences (F&MS) at Lasbela University of Agriculture, Abhinav Gautam, Founder of KOPO, Andre Kwok K., Founder of Future City Summit, Christopher Benavides, MIT Bootcamp graduate and Cofounder of Elio Technologies. Djamila Youcef-Khodja, Director of the Solve Business School, Htet Arkar Soe, Accelerator Manager at Phandeeyar Accelerator, James Hopkins, Founder of QV marketing, Komal Parakh, Founder of UpCycle Enterprises, Kotchakorn Voraakhom, Harvard graduate and Founder/CEO of Porous City Network and Shadman Sadab, President of Bangladesh Youth Entrepreneurship Forum.

Along with great speakers participating, the event hosted multiple networking sessions promoting the cultural identity of participating nations and bonds between attendees. Unique sessions like coffee breaks, cruise dinner, and cultural night enhanced the networking value of the Bootcamp uplifting the sense of collaboration and compassion. These sessions helped teams collaborate more effectively and pitch a finer business model.

The ideas that were pitched during the final presentations were MeetSuccess, a platform to connect mentors with mentees, HandiConnect, another platform to sell unpopular exclusive handicraft in bigger western market, Guliyo, an business which will produce and brand locally made sugar free Nepalese chocolates, B-Teer, an online platform to connect volunteer and volunteering organizations, ExploreAgri, business to help people tour the farms of Philippines, Agromate, business to check soil quality for farmers, One Click, platform to provide fraud free services to people, Red Olive, a business to brand and sell medically important red olives from Pakistan, 10 Minutes School, an initiative to infuse textbooks with Augmented Reality to promote digital education, Language Interpreter, a business to sell devices that would interpret sign language for communication between disabled and normal people, Vastra, an website to design and print customer demanded T-shirts, and Wedding Knot, a business to help secure marriages and decrease divorce rate in India.

After the final presentations, Guliyo with team members Agadh Malla(Nepal), Sujhan Ghimire(Nepal), Ari Sanjaya(Indonesia), and Suman Paudel(Nepal) won the award of best business model while HandiConnect team members Dexter Wilson(Trinidad and Tobago), Tafhimur Rahman(Bangladesh), Elias Hailemariam(Ethiopia), Pooja Sankpal(India), and Pratisth Pradhan(Nepal) won the best team award for best performance during the Bootcamp.

Whereas, 10 Minutes School with team members Zubaer Bin Alam(Bangladesh), Everest Pudasaini(Nepal), Sadik Al Sarker(Bangladesh), and Amrit Sharma(Nepal) secured third place in the Bootcamp. The Bootcamp then concluded with a short closing ceremony thanking the participants and the mentors followed by many congratulations, goodbyes, and best wishes exchanged between the attendees.

Meet Our GEB 2018 Bangkok Speakers/Mentors

Amarit Charoenphan

Forbes U30, CEO & Co-founder, Hubba

Amarit Charoenphan is the CEO and Cofounder of Thailand’s first and largest coworking space and community called HUBBA.

Abhinav Gautam

Alumni, MIT Global Enterpreneurship Bootcamp

Abhinav believes that technology and entrepreneurship is the best method to bring change.

Htet Arkar Soe

Accelerator Manager, Phandeeyar Accelerator

Passionate about tech and startup, he is currently working as Accelerator Manager with Phandeeyar Accelerator and organized for Myanmar’s Biggest Startup Challenge, First Myanmar Game Dev Challenge and First Cohort of Founder Institute Yangon Chapter during his time at Phandeeyar.

James Hopkins

Founder, QV-Marketing

James founded and operates QV-Marketing, a Digital Marketing agency providing services and assistance to Local Business Owners across the UK.

Kotchakorn Voraakhom

Founder & CEO, Porous City Network

Kotchakorn Voraakhom is the founder and CEO of Porous City Network, a landscape social enterprise working to increase urban resilience in Southeast Asian cities. Kotch's passion is solving urban ecological problems through landscape architectural design.

Christopher Benavides

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chris is a recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award, on behalf of Barack Obama & The White House.

Dr. Mir Dost

Phd, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Dr. Dost is serving an Assistant professor, Director for the office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, and Head of the Department of Finance and Management Sciences at Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences Uthal-Pakistan.

Andre Kwok K.

Founder, Future City Summit

Andre is a believer in networking and entrepreneurship in emerging markets, with his first mind-blowing gap year journey in Southeast Asia, first startup in Cambodia and lots of loves and hates, alma mater being The University of Hong Kong(International Relations).

GEB 2018 Bangkok Business Ideas

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018 held in Bangkok, Thailand saw a total of 14 business ideas pitched during the 4-days event. 80 Young entrepreneurs from 20 countries gathered in Bangkok, formed teams, worked out an idea into a business model and pitched it on the last day of the competition from which the winners were chosen. Some of the notable business ideas pitched during GEB Bangkok are mentioned below.


10 Minute School is a concept based on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in educational sector by changing the way one learns. With 10MS’s mobile apps, users will be able to visualize the 3D projection of the pictures present in the textbooks as well as short video description of the picture. Moreover, users can also get free educational resources for exams, course matters, and skill development.

This idea was awarded the third position in GEB-Bangkok and the business, later on, went to win the APICTA award and the CEO, Ayman Sadiq was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia.


Agromate is a business model to help farmers enhance their crop yield through scientific farming and provide them proper market facilities. It focuses on conducting research to test the productivity of the land, providing this analytics and data to farmers to accelerate the production and make it cost effective. Agromate also aims to connect farmers to market so that they will not be disadvantaged due to middlemen taking a high commission.


B-Teer is an online platform model aimed at connecting those willing to volunteer and those looking volunteers. The users can search and compare volunteering opportunities and find volunteering opportunity suitable for them as per their interest. It plans to earn revenue from funding partners, advertisements, and lead generations.

B-Teer plans to first launch its business in Vietnam and expand in other south-east Asian as well as developing countries in future.

Explore Agri

Aimed at promoting agro-tourism in the Philippines and providing exposure to farms, Explore Agri is a business idea to arrange agro-farm visits for agro-tourists and university students. The business will be acting as the mediator between agro-tourist farm and visitors, providing services like instant booking, package trips and many more. To be more specific, they will be managing trips to crop, animals, industrialized and organic farms.


With high import of foreign chocolates in Nepal and no locally branded chocolates manufactured in Nepal, Guliyo aims to produce Nepali sweets from cow milk collected from rural areas. It will be buying milk directly from the farmers which will increase the quality of milk and helps farmers get a reasonable price for the milk. Guliyo plans to manufacture sugar and chemical- free products and sell at a very reasonable price. The team first strategizes to start as a homemade chocolate in the initial phase and then expand nationally as well as internationally.

Guliyo was the winner of GEB- Bangkok.


Handiconnect is an idea of connecting buyers and sellers of traditional handicraft goods. The idea especially focuses to facilitate exporting of handmade Nepali goods to western countries like the USA and reduce the risks of damage of goods. For instance, Bob is US citizen and he wants to buy some handicrafts from Nepal. Then, HandiConnect will help Bob purchase the goods he wants without him needing to visit Nepal. This idea accelerates the process of selling and buying as people will be able to send and receive the handmade items much easily.

Handiconnect team was awarded the best team in GEB-Bangkok.

Meet Success

Meet Success is an online platform where stories of various successful personalities can be found. One can also hire a personal mentor in Meet Success where he/she can get the mentor for a personal chat, both audio or video. It works on a subscription model where mentee pays a certain fee in order to be mentored. Meet Success also has blogs where many inspirational stories can be shared both by the mentors and mentees.

One Click

One-click is a business model aiming to eliminate online scams/frauds and be the most secured mediator between business and its potential customers throughout the world. One-click will be conducting analysis to physically verify and prevent the scam in trading using real-time data analysis and statistics.

Working on specific sectors like insurance, local businesses and documents and records one click will be coordinating between trading parties by developing a high level of trust, security, and integrity.

Red Olive

Red Olive is a business idea for branding and selling red olives produced in Ziarat region of Pakistan at a reasonable price. Considering medical and other uses of Red Olives and the current situation of ignorance among the farmers about its importance, the team plan to start the business initially in Pakistan and then export it to other countries, which will be beneficial to the farmers as well, as they will get a better price for their production. They also plan to start Red Olive farming of their own and supply it in bulk.

Smart sign language interpreter

Realizing the communication complication faced by dumb and deaf people, this team pitched an idea of a smart sign language interpreter. The interpreter will be using sensors to convert sign languages to voices/text and vice-versa. This eliminates the communication barrier between deaf/dumb and normal people. This helps deaf and dumb people communicate with everyone and live normally, helping in their personal development.


Vastra is an online t-shirt selling platform which sells the quality t-shirts printed with attractive designs related to culture, geography, and fashion and also as per the demand of the customer. They will have all the t-shirt designs on their websites and will be selling both online and through retailers. They plan to start small and then expand nationally as well as internationally.

Wedding Knot

Wedding knot is a first bride-groom online platform to nurture the relationship and pass the legacy from one generation to another. With the problem of increasing divorce cases in India, Wedding Knot plans not only create special ceremonies but also create memories and transfer the memories according to the needs of the customer for a better married life. Wedding knot aims to provide a range of services from pre-wedding photoshoots, buying fashion jewelry to post wedding honeymoon packages and baby showers. Wedding knot plans to start initially in India and then expand to other South Asian countries.

GEB 2018 Bangkok Highlights