Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017 Kathmandu (1st Edition)

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Kakani Nepal
2-4 September, 2017
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Oya Opportunities organized their first ever Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at the Kakani International Scout Training Center along with their co-organizers FutureHack.

The bootcamp brought together 54 participants from 12 different countries and gave them the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial ideas with each other while learning from speakers who have real-world experience on the field.

For 3 days, the venue was full of excitement, creativity, and innovation. 11 speakers from different countries yet equally qualified in their fields shared their knowledge and experiences on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Andrew Ngui, senior program manager at MIT, spoke about “Finding your way” on the first day of the bootcamp.

Other sessions had Abhinav Krishna Gautam ,an alumnus from Carnegie Mellon University and founder of two startups, who presented on “Who is your customer”; Rahuel Stone, the founder of Indo Global Trade Connectors and head of marketing at Tenovia Solutions on “The Art of Selling Value”; Jitesh Surendran, the CEO of Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited, on “Primary Market Research”; and Bharat Monteiro, the director for South Asia for Masimo Corporation shared his ideas on “Building Startups within Large Multinational Corporations”.

Whereas Joseph Jeong, a Wall Street veteran, advisor and mentor at the X-Lab in China's top university, Tsinghua and Oya Opportunities, took a skype session on “Power of Exponential Learning” like Megan Chirstensen, the vice president of Watson University, who talked about the new idea “Social Enterprise”.

From Nepal, Subash Pandey, the corporate advisor in Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) Capital spoke on “Finances for Startups”, and the duo of Ravi Singhal, CEO of Social Aves and cofounder of Sarathi Cab, and Prakash Neupane, cofounder of Sarathi Cab and Nepflights, also shared on “Fundraising for a Startup”.

The speakers covered topics that ranged from basics of a startup to the complexities of multinational businesses. For the final pitch, teams were given 5 minutes to pitch their ideas and then a Q&A session from the judges.

The judges would then rate each team according to their idea and pitch to determine the winner. The participants pitched some great ideas, all of which could have turned into a real business. There were business models: Chyine -a traditionally made alcohol is remade and sold commercially with much better quality, Let’s Connect -an online platform to connect investors with startups, The Next Live -media that aims to give out the least biased information to the consumers, Traveller’s Euphoria -a travel company that aims to connect people to the local culture of where they go, IDEBUS -a organization that hopes to develop self-development skills in youths, Hire Any Photographer -an another online platform that connects people with photographers to capture their experiences, Practical Education -an online based education company that offers courses to students from videos and exercises, Green Municipality -a social enterprise that aims to earn money by advertising while planting trees in a local level, and Professional Social Network(Proso) -a new form of social media that will connect people with similar tastes and opinions in a professional level.

After the final pitch, the CEO of Oya Opportunities, Ms. Parshu Aryal also announced that the second bootcamp was going to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was then announced that the winning team will be invited to the next Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and moved on to revealing the name of the team that won: Chyine. The bootcamp concluded with the winning team celebrating, photos being taken here and there, handshakes all over the venue, words of encouragement and friendship being spread, and the feeling of accomplishment filled with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Many budding entrepreneurs from various countries, like Tanzania, Botswana, Philippines, and Zimbabwe, then gathered to take one last photo before departing; together under the name of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

Meet Our GEB 2017 Kathmandu Speakers

Andrew Ngui

Senior Program Manger, MIT Bootcamp

Andrew is the Senior Program Manager, MIT Bootcamps. His focus is on marketing and alumni engagement.

Megan Christensen

Vice President, Watson University

Megan is the Vice President at Watson University, an incubator and school for student social entrepreneurs.

Bharat Monteiro

Director - South Asia, Masimo Corporation

Bharat is a passionate and seasoned Business Leader with experience through business cycles, across geographies, and various industries

Joseph Jeong

Co-founder, FutureHack

Joseph is a Wall Street veteran, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor, Educator and father of 2.

Abhinav Gautam

Alumni, MIT Global Enterpreneurship Bootcamp

Abhinav believes that technology and entrepreneurship is the best method to bring change.

GEB 2017 Kathmandu Business Ideas

The first edition of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp held in Kakani, Nepal in September 2017 was attended by 54 young entrepreneurs from 12 different countries. 11 great business ideas were pitched during the 3-days event, each of which could be developed into successful start-ups. Some of the notable business ideas pitched during GEB Kathmandu are mentioned below.


Chyine is based on a concept of remaking a traditional Nepali wine, Chyang, on a commercial scale with increased quality. Chyang is a kind of wine made from barley or rice, native to Nepal and Tibet with profound cultural importance. But the production by locals is of low quality. So, this team plans to reproduce the wine using modern technology, establish partnership with prominent bars, restaurants and small branch stores to commercialize the production.

Green Municipality

Green Municipality is a concept of incorporation of sustainability in business. The team plans to plant and fence trees between the lanes of the roads as well as on the side of the road in municipalities. With this eco-friendly idea, the team aims to generate a revenue from the advertisement in the hoarding boards in the fences of as much as $30,000 in the first year with an investment of just $12,200. The team expects the expense will be one-fourth the first year while the revenue to remains same (or increase) in subsequent year

Hire Any Photographer

Didn’t find any photographers for your event? Hire Any Photographer might be the answer. This online platform aims to connect photographers to the customers in the current situation when it is difficult for both the photographers to get job and for event organizer to get a suitable photographer. The photographers can create their portfolio and those needing photographers can select photographers as per their budget and other options.


Proso, short for Professional Social Network, is an online platform for connecting people of similar interest professionally. The team aims to connect the seekers with opportunities from the suppliers and corporates. Firstly, aiming to promote itself through social medias like Facebook, Instagram, the team plans to generate revenue from advertisement on it’s platform, ‘Top Search’ service, Status promotion, commissions, promoting competitions and jobs.

The Next Live

Realizing the importance of unbiased news portal in todays’ world, these young entrepreneurs presented an idea of starting a news portal targeted mainly to travelers, urban youths, trend settlers, researchers and students so that they can access unbiased information.


With an aim to develop personality and entrepreneurship in young enthusiasts, this team proposed the idea of IDEBUS (Individual Development and Entrepreneurial Business School). Targeted mainly to students, from school to graduate level, IDEBUS proposes to develop the skills of the participants, provide them internships and finally placement in national as well as international market. They will also extend network to sponsors or events and placement.

Connecting Investors and Startups

The name of this business idea is self-explanatory. In the current state of developing countries where even brilliant business ideas cannot grow due to lack of investment, this team aims to connect those ideas to investors so that ideas don’t have to die in the some corner.

GEB 2017 Kathmandu Highlights