Frequently Asked Questions

About Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is for 3 nights and 4 days.
Participants choose their own teams and assume the roles of C-level executives, such as CEO, CMO, CTO, COO/CFO. Although GEB team members and mentors will be available to provide guidance during the team formation process, we believe that choosing your own teams is a crucial part of the learning and networking process. Please check this video illustrating the team formation process.
Yes, all the participants will get certificate of participation.

Application Procedure

Anyone who is interested can apply. GEB is a common platform for participants from diverse age, community, educational and cultural background.
You need to fill the online application form found on our website.
Participants will be selected on a rolling basis. You will receive the acceptance letter within 10 days. However, you will receive a formal invitation letter once you pay the registration fee.
Yes, you can. Please ask all of your team members to fill up the application form and inform us about your team by mailing us at [email protected] or [email protected] .
Yes, you can join GEB as an observer. Please mail us at [email protected] for more details.

Registration Fee and Scholarships

The registration cost includes:

  1. Program Materials (Program Handbook, Notebooks, T-shirts, etc.)
  2. Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Learning Sessions and Presentation Session
  3. 4 days and 3 nights food and accommodation (sharing) during the event
  4. Other miscellaneous services

It excludes:

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Accommodation and food before and after the event
  3. Meals that are not provided by us
  4. Personal expenses
  5. Visa fees
Yes, GEB provides few scholarships to deserving candidates. Our scholarships are available only for Early Bird applicants.
The scholarship is provided only in the registration fee (waiver of some percent of the fee). However the scholarship does not cover airfare, visa charges or any other expenses.
The scholarship is provided on merit basis. Your application should demonstrate that you are the deserving candidate for GEB scholarship.

Food and Accommodation

We will surely consider your dietary requirements/ restrictions where possible. But if you have any serious dietary requirements or allergy, we highly recommend you to bring provisions with you.
No, you need to stay in the hotel that we provide as the Bootcamp is completely residential.
The accommodation provided is on the shared basis with the same gender, using twin rooms.

Visa and Miscellaneous

We will send you all the required documents that are needed for the visa procedure. But we will not be directly involved in your process.
GEB highly recommends that you first register before you embark on the visa. There have been cases where individuals have secured visa but will not be able to register as all spots have already been taken. Please note that registrations are on rolling (first-come-first-serve basis). Also, GEB will provide you the necessary documents and invitation letter for processing the visa only after you have registered.
As obtaining a visa may take a substantial amount of time for many delegates, it is crucial to start as soon as possible, preferably once you receive your invitation letter and other documents by email.
GEB will not be able to contact embassies on our own initiative, but if the embassy contacts us directly to confirm the Bootcamp participants, we will be happy to do so.
GEB will not be able to provide transportation to the venue upon arrival. Participants must make their own arrangements for arrival.
The registration fee includes food and accommodation during the Bootcamp along with Bootcamp Kits. You will require extra money for the excursions, additional foods and for personal expenses.
Participants are expected to bring their own laptops, international power adapter, etc