Registration Details

There are two deadlines for registration in GEB: Early Bird and Late. These deadlines and their features are discussed below:

Early Bird

Deadline: 30th October
Registration Fee: 500$
Acceptance and Invitation letter will be sent to all accepted applicants by the first week of November.

Late Registration

Deadline: 30th November
Registration Fee: 600$
Late registration will open only if there are seats remaining.
*Applicants will be accepted in a rolling basis. Invitation letter will be sent accordingly.
*Note: There is only 100 seats in GEB. If we accept all 100 applicants in the Early Bird, the Late registration will not open. So, we strongly recommend any interested applicant to apply before the Early Bird deadline.

Scholarship Details

We give two types of scholarships: Fully Funded and Partially Funded Scholarships. Our scholarships are both need-based and merit-based. There are only few seats for scholarships.

Fully Funded

We waive 100% of the registration fee for applicants who get fully funded scholarships. There are very few seats for fully funded scholarship and competition for which will be really tough. Please note that air tickets will not be included in the scholarship.

Partially Funded

GEB aims to waive some percent off of the registration fee for some of the applicants. This partially funded scholarship will be limited and will not include air tickets.

Application Form

If you think you have the nesessary skills, passion and experience to guide the budding entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey, then apply as a mentor for Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018.