About Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a 4 days series of intensive educational/leadership session designed for the youth . GEB brings together many young entrepreneurs from around the world and places them on a common platform to innovate and create new businesses through collaboration. It aims to provide participants an overwhelming lifetime experience to develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills to start their own venture. GEB provides the platform to interact with mentors, successful entrepreneurs who are willing to hear what budding entrepreneurs are thinking of and guide them on the right path to making a successful startup.

GEB brings together many like-minded entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. It is an incredible opportunity to be exposed to new cultures and perspectives, both entrepreneurial and otherwise. It is also an opportunity to exchange and share ideas with other participants. GEB creates an environment where people from all backgrounds can create, innovate, collaborate and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

GEB believes that youths are the crucial part of the nation’s economy as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The imaginative and innovative ideas of today’s youths have the potential to change the world for the better. So, Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp provides the best platform for the participants to learn, interact and grow their ideas while developing connections with the participants from various corners of the world as well as the potential investors for their business ideas.

GEB has already hosted three successful Bootcamps and welcomed delegates from more than 50 different countries. The first one was hosted in Kakani, Nepal from September 2nd to 4th, 2017. 11 great business ideas were pitched in GEB 2017 and the winning model was Chyine -a traditionally made alcohol is remade and sold commercially with much better quality. Talking about the second Bootcamp, it was hosted in Bangkok, Thailand from January 15th to 18th, 2018. Participants of GEB-Bangkok pitched 15 business models. After the presentation of ideas, Guliyo won the award for the best business model while HandiConnect won the best team award for best performance during the Bootcamp.

Likewise, the third Bootcamp was hosted around 160 participants from 35 different countries in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2nd to 5th July. 17 unique business ideas were pitched. For demo day, GEB had invited 3 Judges. The panel of judges included Adrian Lim (Director, BLOCK 71 Jakarta/ co-founder, and CEO at PTPop Box Asia service), David Soukhasing (Managing Director at Angel Investment Network Indonesia) and Ash Ali (Angel Investor, Serial Startup Founder). After the final presentation, Appli with the team members Shivam Kumar Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Nitin Marisela and Kejal Mahavir Ranka won the Winner’s title while Healthy Pick with team members Dang Quoc Bao, Phung Trung Hieu, Nguyen Dieu Linh, Anirudh Jain and Gustaf Christian Loho won the title of Best Team.

Why GEB?

GEB employs innovative learning, interaction, and competition for improvement of an individual. We believe that anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, is looking for the correct mentorship to guide oneself, or wants to meet other entrepreneurs, and possibly investors, from different parts of the world should consider applying to GEB.

GEB values interaction with mentors as its primary feature. You can share your ideas with any mentors and take advices from them. All of our mentors are eager to listen to what the next generation entrepreneurs are thinking of. We believe that you can learn more from veterans in the game of entrepreneurship than from traditional textbooks and courses.

If you are interested in meeting other entrepreneurs from various parts of the world, then GEB is a best fit for you. Every bootcamp, we have enthusiastic participants from all over the world wanting to share their ideas with other similar entrepreneurs. If you are lucky, you may even find an investor who might invest in your idea.

We think healthy competition is a valuable resource to a better learning. Which is why GEB is also a team competition for creation of the best business model. Competition pushes you to exert yourselves more which ultimately helps you to learn more.

GEB is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, be it similar entrepreneurs like you or veteran like our mentors, compete on an international platform, and learn necessary skills of entrepreneurship. If any of these seems interesting to you, then what are you waiting for? Apply now and hopefully we see you at Kuala Lumpur.

GEB Malaysia

After 3 successful Bootcamp, GEB is now being organized in Malaysia in collaboration with Lincoln University College as Co-organizer and Asia School of Business as Knowledge partner. The Bootcamp aims to groom the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs from all over the world and unite them under the “GEB Family”. GEB Malaysia will be welcoming around 200 delegates from more than 40 different countries and grooming them as a part of GEB family. GEB will provide a large networking platform for all the attendees by helping each and every attendee grow a connection not only with “GEB Malaysia” attendees but also with GEB alumni of GEB Nepal, GEB Bangkok, and GEB-Mega Edition, Jakarta.


Malaysia is a country where all the colors, flavors, sounds and sights of Asia come together. The slogan “Malaysia, truly Asia” captures and defines the essence of the country’s unique diversity. The beautiful combination of a rich mix of cultural attraction and rapidly expanding cities filled with skyscrapers and multilane highways homes to sprawling malls and narrow alleyways with lively and colorful markets and the vibrant street life. Malaysia has something for everyone as this country has the best combination of buzzing cities, beautiful beaches, culinary sensations, history and culture along with the idyllic island. Malaysia has an exciting diversity of cultures, festivals, tradition, and customs that offers numerous experiences.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia has grown from a small sleepy Chinese tin-mining village to vibrant metropolis of 7 million populations. This city is full of history and cultural attraction. The capital is full of notable landmarks, steel-clad skyscrapers, parks, shopping centers, clamoring street markets and energetic nightspots which combine with the incense-wreathed, beautifully enhanced mosques and sanctuaries of the nation's Malay, Chinese and Indian people.

Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

The 21st century has brought about numerous digital enhancements, and the financial industries have acquired the advantages accordingly, with the trend-setting technology serving as a fundamental element in how transactions occur today. Malaysia is no exception, with a population of over 30 million that is largely digitally savvy, the Malaysian FinTech ecosystem is fast becoming fertile ground for start-ups to gain momentum nationwide.

Entrepreneurship has been growing with lots of importance, both as concept and activity in Malaysia. The establishment of the “The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development” clearly showcases the importance that the government places upon the issue of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur development. With the support of government agencies, venture capitalist, and accelerators, Malaysia has become home to several huge companies. Malaysia has seen a lot of raise in the economic status with the help of successful startups. Another aspect that favors entrepreneurs is the unique position of Malaysia that entrepreneurs can be benefited from. Malaysia is well poised for foreign companies to settle-in to take advantage of the Singapore’s network and Malaysia’s conductive infrastructure.