Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Bracalé

Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Bracalé is the Founding President of the Swiss School of Management with campuses in Rome, Dubai, Cairo, GCC, Brescia and Barcelona. Over the last two decades, before starting the Swiss School of Management, he gained precious experiences in Zurcher Kantonalbank, Switzerland, Zurich Stock Exchange, Ascom Telematic AG, Bally Management, Switzerland, the University Hospital of Zurich and Mobile Solutions AG in Dubendorf, Zurich.

Pisanupong Sittichockkaewmoon

Hon'ble Pisanupong Sittichockkaewmoon, Attached to Secretariat of the Prime Minister of Thailand.

Dato' Steve Cheah

Dato' Steve Cheah is a social entrepreneur and advisor with over 30 years of international business and corporate experience. He heads Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Thailand and serves as a board member at Chulalonglorn University School of Integrated Innovation and is advisor to business chambers, corporations, and international organizations involved in commercial, educational and community projects.
GEN Thailand host national and international activities and programmes that creates opportunities that helps “internationalize” startups, businesses and SMEs with major events that included [email protected] Thailand, Global Entrepreneurship Congress plus (GEC+ Bangkok), GEN Asia conference, as well as global competitions that includes Creative Business Cup (CBC), Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), [email protected] ASEAN, and others.

Dr. Aphinita Chaichana

Dr. Aphinita is leading UNITED PEACE KEEPERS FEDERAL COUNCIL, with its Headquarter in Thailand, with the objectives of collaborating with the Government of Thailand, UN Agencies and other International Organizations for supporting the Peacekeeping missions and mandates of the United Nations, engaging and promoting Peace Building process globally.

Dr. Serena Magnanti

Dr. Serena Magnanti, Italian Businesswomen, was confronted on a very young age with management, leadership and entrepreneurial challenges. By the age of nineteen, she had to take over the family business, due to the premature and unexpected passing away of her father. Not having finished her High-School Diploma yet, she was forced to do both; following her studies and leading the company. She managed to graduate with her Diploma and has dedicated last decade to grow her family business, taking care of her over 40 employees keeping their jobs, despite the great financial crisis of 2007. Once the business was stabilized, she enrolled at Swiss School of Management to do an integrated program, leading to a Bachelor Degree in International Marketing Management from University of Tourism & Management Skopje and her MBA in Global Management & Leadership from SSMROME.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy has had 10 years as Lecturer/ Researcher of the Foreign Trade University (Vietnam), and 5 years as Director of External Relations and Recruitment of the Executive MBA in Vietnam, University of Hawaii (U.S). Huy has mentored many Vietnamese student teams to win international business/ startup competitions, such as ICAEW Southeast Asia Regional Business Challenge, Mekong Business Plan Challenge, Global Social Venture Competition. Huy is an inspiring initiator and advisor for Vietnam Social Innovation Competition since 2012. Prior to that, he experienced positions with Citibank, UNDP and KPMG Vietnam.
Huy got the Bachelor of Economics and International Business from the Foreign Trade University (Vietnam), and the Master of Public Affairs, Certificate of Social Entrepreneurship and Certificate of Fund Development for Nonprofits from the Indiana University (U.S). He also got several professional development grants for his community initiatives and leadership.

Anurag Kumar

Anurag Kumar is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Crumblyy, one of the largest short-form content discovery platforms in the world. He is also a member of the Institutional Innovation Council, Government of India. A current PGP student at Indian School Of Business, he works closely with early stage startups, helping them in aligning their business processes. With more than 6 years of experience in running successful consumer-centric products, Anurag specializes in building strategies for 0-1 product, outreach and partnerships. A PM awardee and a National Innovation Award winner, Anurag loves solving real-world problems with first principles.

Dr. Elizabeth Soliday

Dr. Elizabeth Soliday – Naui earned her Doctorate degree (Magna cum Laude) from University de Nice in France under the European Erasmus Scholarship program. She developed her career in the academy as an educator which leads to international educational management venture. She started several educational initiatives in Barcelona, Spain where she is now based. Today, she is serving as the President of the International School of Applied Social Sciences (ISASS), and the social enterprise- Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences (BCAS).

Dr. Ulrike Guelich

Dr. Ulrike Guelich is Assistant Professor at the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at Bangkok University in Thailand. She is Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Thailand team leader. She holds a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship (Summa cum Laude, California University FCE) and M.B.A.’s from the University of Maryland (United States) and from GSBA Zurich (Switzerland). Ulrike Guelich contributed to several national and international reports on entrepreneurial activities, attitudes and aspirations, working closely with UNESCAP and UNDP Asia-Pacific, ILO and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Her 25 years of entrepreneurship experience include years as business owner in a manufacturing family business in the 4th generation and leading an IT start-up as supplier to the automotive industry. Ulrike’s research interests evolve around women entrepreneurship, the use of entrepreneurial networks and their influence on innovation in entrepreneurial activities and youth social entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific.

Sanjeeva Shivesh

Sanjeeva Shivesh is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and the Founder of The Entrepreneurship School. In his previous avatar, he served as civil servant with Government of India. Subsequently, he worked as Strategy Consultant with Booz & Co. at their London Office and as Executive Director of Investments at a private equity firm. His passion lies in teaching Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking. He has been Adjunct Professor at MDI Gurgaon, FMS and TERI University, besides teaching at Singapore Management University, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kashipur and IIT Delhi. He is an active panelist on economic affairs and policy on CNN News, India Today TV, Doordarshan and AIR. Sanjeeva is a B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and MBA from Cranfield School of Management, U.K.

Diah Yusuf

She is the Secretary General of Indonesia Council for Small Business (2020 – now), Director ICSB Womenpreneurs Indonesia (2021), Former Board Member and Vice President for Partnership International Council for Small Business Global (ICSB Global) 2018 – 2020, she is also Chairwoman of Womenpreneurs Indonesia Networks (WIN). Inaugurated by Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Republic of Indonesia, WIN is a platform for strengthening women in entrepreneurship, health and family with balance and harmony. She also Head of International Trade Relations of ASEAN Women Strong Networks with headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Her contribution and strategic thinking on how to empower Indonesia SME attracted one of the biggest Indonesian BUMN Companies to appoint her as Project Director for Buddy SMEs PT Telkom Indonesia, Tbk. and as Vice Dean for Start-up Academy by Tourism Ministry. She was also Former Vice President for Community Empowerment International Council for Small Business Indonesia (ICSB Indonesia) 2018 – 2020.
As an entrepreneur, she is also leading several businesses in the health & beauty retail area, property industry, smart agriculture, sustainable aquaculture farming, also in social enterprises as the Founder and Chairman of the Indonesian Entrepreneur Festival, a yearly program for the Indonesia Development Entrepreneurship with the tagline #BersatuMenguat. She speaks globally on Women in Entrepreneurship, SME Internationalization and Sustainability. She has addressed the 64th ICSB World Congress, Egypt 2019 then 1st SME World Forum, Macau 2019 then Urban Campus, Mexico 2019, APEC Financing Opportunities Fair for Women-led MSMEs, Taipei 2019, 65th ICSB World Congress, Paris 2021 and many more. In 2022, year of Indonesia Presidency of G20, she has spoken at W20 Forum, bringing the topic of Financial Support for Women in Ultra Micro and Micro Enterprise as Part of Economic Recovery and given recommendations for the same. She actively writes columns on Entrepreneurship in national magazines every month.
She also contributed in ICSB MSME Report 2020 issued on UN MSME Day 27 June 2020 with 32 writers globally. With 5 colleagues from Egypt, Australia, USA, Argentina and French, she is also co-chair for women enterprises of The International Council for Small Business (ICSB), a non-profit organization founded in 1955, devoted to continuing management education for entrepreneurs and small business. Continuing as co-founder of Global FIVE (Female Innovative Vision on Entrepreneurship with international colleagues, she is promoting a new approach to female entrepreneurship, joining theory with practice, providing a platform for women to exchange and share all aspects of their entrepreneurial journey thus aiming to address inclusion and equality to further achieve the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG5). Her organization Indonesia Prima has partnership with Growth Wheel International for global business advisory, and Bzns Builder Egypt, a business platform to pitch the investor.
In start-up community, Indonesia Prima also has partnership with Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan for supporting Start-ups in both countries and across ASEAN, including match making with VC’s in the network. In 2020, Indonesia Prima also collaborated with UN Women Indonesia to deliver coaching programs for Women WeLearn Project. Indonesia Prima is now working on preparing programs for Investor who are willing to partner with Indonesian SME Business, Indonesia Prima SME Investment Consultant and Accelerator. A dear Soul Sister who is very engaged in connecting the links between community, economy, enterprises and governments for accelerating business growth for women-led enterprises.

Thiagarajan Ramasamy

RT RAJAN, a self - made explorer, travelled 36 different countries around the globe and counting on more to come. Has seen many cultures, natives, religions and political landscapes. Also, an avid angler and a big – bike enthusiast, RT RAJAN has travelled around the region exploring his passion. A true believer of “education is the only way of success”. He has motivated thousands of young students aspiring to attain quality education and career pathways. He believes a nations “brain - drain” can only be stopped if the knowledge and experience comes back into the country. Every nation on the globe has its unique way of survival, skills, development, resources and political climate. RT RAJAN, thrives to meet and explore the needs of the nation through education and training…..


ZENA CHUNG is a Korean-Canadian who currently lives in Seoul, South Korea. She is a founder and president of Global Diplomats Club. As an advocate of women in leadership and entrepreneurship, ZENA CHUNG is a CEO of her own company named Eva Global Holdings. She works as a Goodwill Ambassador for IHRPS (International Human Rights Protection Services) in USA, Peace Ambassador for UN PKFC (Peace Keeping Forces Council) in SEA (South East Asia), and Senior Advisor for UN Habitat Korea. ZENA CHUNG is very passionate about world peace and humanitarian work. ZENA CHUNG works very actively in many different business and economic organizations in Korea and abroad by taking several important positions such as a Co-founder and Secretary-General for KABFF (Korean-American Businessmen Friendship Forum) and for KEEEA (Korea-Emirati Entrepreneurs Exchange Association), and international business advisor for WFKB (World Federation of Korean Business), and a committee chair for KOIMA (Korea Importers Association). ZENA CHUNG also works with the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO), a state-funded trade promotion organization under the government of India. She was appointed as the board’s director of South Korea Committee and also Foreign Investors Council in June, 2020.
ZENA CHUNG holds two Master’s degrees such as Master of International Studies from Ewha Womans University, Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) in Seoul, South Korea and the second Master’s degree as a M.A Specialist in International Political Economy of International Development from University of Toronto, Canada.
ZENA CHUNG has vast experiences and a brilliant track record in corporate and public relations, domestic and international business affairs, healthcare management and international bilateral and multilateral trade issues. Her high credentials and great experience in many different areas of interests and knowledge would add value to many clients and business partners in Korea and abroad.

Dr. Sathit Kumar

Deputy President, UNPKFC

Sharanyan Sharma

Sharanyan is a professional digital marketing Trainer, strategist, eCommerce, and Inbound marketing consultant. He helps brands and individuals in their online brand-building efforts, digital marketing campaigns, and designing a sustainable business model. he has the privilege of working with the fastest-growing Forbes 2000 and Fortune 500 listed companies, Government organizations, and emerging startups as a Performance marketing consultant, Brand Ambassador, and digital workflow mentor.

Dr. Krizz Chan

Dr. Krizz is also the advisor of UNPKFC

Chi-Kang Chiang

Chi-Kang has been an entrepreneur, manager of accelerator, and individual investor. He is the co-founder and CEO of startup studio "Foundersbacker". He help business and startups to localise in both Taiwan and Indonesia.

Saeed Ahmed

Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade is a Focal agency that works for the economical progression and prosperity of Balochistan by facilitating the investors and promoting trade and investment.

Jagrat Jhamb

Jagrat has worked with various startups since his early college days and has been an active part of various global communities since long. Jagrat is a content marketer and have been helping businesses to formulate the right content strategy. Jagrat founded The Brand Folks in 2020 to help individuals and businesses with their online growth. TBF is motivated to help more than 1 million small businesses in this decade by providing them access to right information and tools, leveraging the power of good content.

Airada Sangapatthanayuth

Airada, from Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation, is the co-founder and CEO of The Hominians Co., LTD that has been developing Carter - Platform for Market Tourism since early 2021.

Aishwarya P. Menon

As a serial entrepreneur who likes to deal with different aspects of the business across various industry verticals, She founded and scaled three high-growth companies in different countries.. AGT Venture is a multi-diversified, Thailand-based trading company that exports industrial raw materials. The company has successfully traded agricultural products to large markets and opened trading centers in Thailand, India, and Nepal. She also launched Max Living, a consumer and commercial distribution company that focuses on Nepal's market. The company, which serves hotels, restaurants, and consumer kitchen equipment, now holds more than 20 brands. Rabbit Driver is her newest development. This is an on-demand driver service completely offline and focused on unparalleled customer service and customer retention.


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