About Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an intensive educational/leadership session that brings together many young entrepreneurs from around the world and place them on a common platform to innovate and create new businesses by collaboration. The Bootcamp is designed to groom your innovations and new ideas into startups. We provide the platform to interact with our mentors, successful entrepreneurs who are willing to hear what budding entrepreneurs are thinking of and guide them to the right path to making a successful startup.

GEB also brings together many like-minded entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. It is an incredible opportunity to be exposed to new cultures and perspectives, both entrepreneurial and otherwise. It is also an opportunity to exchange and share ideas with other participants. We believe that healthy competition is essential for learning, which is why we have designed Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to also be a competition between teams that are divided during the Bootcamp. GEB will make an environment where people from all backgrounds can create, innovate, collaborate and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

GEB is a place to learn from successful entrepreneurs who will share their experiences of success or more importantly their failures, share and exchange ideas with other like-minded attendees with diverse background, and it is also a place to compete with the same like-minded attendees in order to develop and improve oneself.

GEB has already hosted two successful Bootcamps and welcomed delegates from 30 different countries. The first one was hosted in Kakani, Nepal from September 2nd to 4th, 2017. 11 great business ideas were pitched in GEB 2017 and the wining model was Chyine -a traditionally made alcohol is remade and sold commercially with much better quality. Talking about the second Bootcamp, it was hosted in Bangkok, Thailand from January 15th to 18th, 2018. Participants of GEB-Bangkok pitched 15 business models. After presentation of ideas, Guliyo with team members Agadh Malla(Nepal), Sujhan Ghimire(Nepal), Ari Sanjaya(Indonesia), and Suman Paudel(Nepal) won the award of best business model while HandiConnect team members Dexter Wilson(Trinidad and Tobago), Tafhimur Rahman(Bangladesh), Elias Hailemariam(Ethiopia), Pooja Sankpal(India), and Pratisth Pradhan(Nepal) won the best team award for best performance during the Bootcamp.

Why GEB?

GEB employs innovative learning, interaction, and competition for improvement of an individual. We believe that anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, is looking for the correct mentorship to guide oneself, or wants to meet other entrepreneurs, and possibly investors, from different parts of the world should consider applying to GEB.

GEB values interaction with mentors as its primary feature. You can share your ideas with any mentors and take advices from them. All of our mentors are eager to listen to what the next generation entrepreneurs are thinking of. We believe that you can learn more from veterans in the game of entrepreneurship than from traditional textbooks and courses.

If you are interested in meeting other entrepreneurs from various parts of the world, then GEB is a best fit for you. Every bootcamp, we have enthusiastic participants from all over the world wanting to share their ideas with other similar entrepreneurs. If you are lucky, you may even find an investor who might invest in your idea.

We think healthy competition is a valuable resource to a better learning. Which is why GEB is also a team competition for creation of the best business model. Competition pushes you to exert yourselves more which ultimately helps you to learn more.

GEB is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, be it similar entrepreneurs like you or veteran like our mentors, compete on an international platform, and learn necessary skills of entrepreneurship. If any of these seems interesting to you, then what are you waiting for? Apply now and hopefully we see you at Jakarta.

GEB-Mega Edition

Aiming to unite entrepreneurs under the “GEB family”, after two successful Bootcamp we are heading towards Jakarta, Indonesia for our third event. As from the name, “GEB –mega Edition” you can expect something different than previous Bootcamp. This time we will be welcoming about 250 delegates from 40 different countries. Like our previous Bootcamp, “GEB –mega Edition” will be a platform for young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to broaden their knowledge in entrepreneurship and grow their connection with high profile mentors/successful entrepreneurs. “GEB –mega Edition” will unite 250 delegates under the GEB family helping each and every attendees not only to grow connection with “GEB –mega Edition” attendees but also with GEB alumni of GEB 2017 and GEB-Bangkok, creating a huge network of entrepreneurs.

Unlike previous Bootcamp, “GEB –mega Edition” will be welcoming more participants as well as mentors/speakers.


Indonesia, also known as the Emerald of the Equator, is an archipelago representing one of the most unusual areas in the world. Being the 14th largest country (in term of land area) and 4th most populated country (262 million populations), Indonesia’s natural beauty has made Indonesia famous tourist destination that is much coveted by both local as well as international tourist. The nation’s capital city is Jakarta. Across its many island, Indonesia consist of hundreds of distinct native ethnic as well as linguistic groups. Despite the varied culture, one thing common in all the Indonesian people is their friendliness. This friendliness makes Indonesia one among the friendliest country in South East Asia, which is in itself one of the most sociable area in the world.

Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Indonesia, also famous as “the land of a thousand kings”, boasts a thriving startup. According to some reports, in the first 8 months of the year 2017, Indonesian startups collectively raised $3 Billion in 53 investment deals which is growth in almost 68 times in the last five years to around $1.4 Billion in 2016. The major funding rounds include China-based Tecent’s $1.2 Bn infusion in on-demand mobile platform Go-Jek and Alibaba Group’s recent $1.1 Bn investment in ecommerce startup Tokopedia. Besides these, the investors include US-based travel giant Expedia, China’s JD.com, East Ventures, Hillhouse Capital Group and Sequoia Capital.

Currently, there are more than 150 fintech startups in Indonesia and this number is increasing by almost 78% since 2015. The major Indonesian startups in the field include Modalku, Taralite and crowdfunding platform Kitabisa.

Besides the myriad adventures, Indonesia’s huge population as well as the growth in the startup ecosystem has been captivating all the Asian startup blogosphere to see Indonesia as the next big thing. This is why GEB mega edition takes you to Indonesia- to experience the fast growing startup ecosystem.